Hello World!

I am a makeup artist!

Recently, I have felt the the shift from face to face artistry to virtual try-ons. More and more isolation, since the pandemic. I am focusing on taking my readers/ friends away from the aniexty of the day to day. My readers/ friends will learn new ways to make them feel confident/ beautiful in their own skin and ready to take on the world.

As we are finally opening up and seeing people again. I know, we are wanting to look our best for instance. Just taking off those sweats and putting on a daytime makeup look to go to that grab a cup of coffee with a friend or just for a zoom call. Lets be honest. We get a zoom meeting and only have 5 minute to doll our selves up. I will give you the tips and tools i reccomend to achieve that 10 minute day time look. It will look like you spent an hour on your selfcare routine. You will be ready to jump on that zoom meeting and feel confident.

What are we eating these days??

My mom, unfortunately just went through Chemo which you can read my post here about that Journey. It has changed the way her way of eating and mine as well. Her gut health is super important, because of all the chemicals they have to put in you to get rid of the cancer. My mom and I have been on a healthy eating and lifestyle journey. We are coming up with some great recipes for a semi Keto/Vegan and just Clean eating. Its all about experimenting and tweeking receipes to make them taste good.

Do you know what they put in our food for instance?? We should all be aware, because it is not just in the food but in the makeup, skincare, haircare we use everyday! I hope you read these posts and leave with a little bit more knowledge about what products and brands are focused on the health of their customers and the earth.

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