The GF Truth about me.


Welcome to my beauty, wellness, and a dash of fashion, while chasing my two kiddos blog.

Yes, I am a mom and I love clean, gluten-free skincare, makeup, Clean/ vegan/ GF food, and Fashion.  I do not wear mom jeans, but no judgment if you do. Let’s get straight to the point.  I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 15 yrs ago.

My whole lifestyle changed including what I was putting on my skin and in my tummy. ( which I later learned, the products I used were making me sick).  I have to be so careful with all products I use.  I have researched and tried so many products over the years, that I wanted to share with my readers which ones work the best and save you money! (Even though using clean/ vegan/ Gf products can be pricey. You won’t have to throw away the bread that is $7.99 and taste like cardboard. haha!  I believe everyone should be constiencense ( did I spell that right?) lol. Anyway. If you came here for a grammar lesson you are in the wrong place. You only get one body. We need to take care of it.

If you came here for some Clean/Vegan/ GF beauty product reviews, as well as some tips and tricks to looking younger or looking like one of the Kardashians. (I think Chloe is trending right now). If you want to learn healthy eating habits and be in the know for the new Fashion trends. I am your Woman!

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