Moving Back to Cali

(My parents backyard in Coral Springs, FL)

I am looking towards this new chapter of life with my arms and heart wide open. We are finally leaving Florida after being here for 1yr and 4 months. We came to Florida to quarantine with family. Our intentions were to go back to California after the fourth of July. Those plans were changed, when my mom was diagnosed with Cancer. God always works in mysterious ways. When my mom got the news all of my siblings were in town and we were all here to support her. I realized at that moment. My mom was gonna need me to be a help/be a nurse through the 6 rounds of chemo. We decided to stay in Florida until my mom got through the chemo treatments. I learned so much. The world is opening up and my mom’s cancer is in remission ( all Glory to God!)

We are moving back to California and I can’t wait to share all the adventures and craziness along the way. We have sold or given away almost all our things and trying to become Minimalists. Only purchasing the things that will bring value to our lives and others. I will post all the new items we are having to purchase for our new place.

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