5 Summer gluten free Favorites!

Its a bummer, but I have celiacs disease. As a makeup artist , I did not use all gluten free products on my clients. I did however, like to use clean products. Using gluten free makeup and skincare is my only option because my skin is super sensitive. I get asked all the time.. (what products do you use on your face?) Here are my 5 favorite gluten free makeup brands.

  1. Ilia beauty Super Serum Skin tint SPF 40
  2. Tarte- Ultra creamy Shape tape
  3. Charlotte Tilbury- Pillow talk Glow and Pillow talk eyeshadow palette
  4. Nude Stix-Blurr Stick
  5. Tarte- Amazonia Clay blush

What are your favorite gluten free makeup brands ? I love to get recommendations and add them to my list!

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